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  Rainy Day Games 1st Annual Game Day and Auction

Rainy Day Games Game Day and Auction

October 16th, 2011
9:00am Game Day Begins (registration/entrance begins at 8:30am)
2:00pm Auction Begins
11:00pm Game Day Ends
$10.00 Entry Fee
Pre-Register at Rainy Day Games and get $2.00 in Snack Tickets! Also for every 40 people that attend the event we will give everyone who pre-registers $2.00 in Auction Bucks to use at our Auction!

In order to help us better prepare for the event we would encourage everyone to pre-register for the day either in person or with a credit card over the phone. Anyone who pre-registers will get a portion of their admission fee refunded to them in the form of "auction bucks." Auction bucks will not be available to anyone who registers on the day of the event.

This event will be held off-site at the Washington County Fair Complex in the Cloverleaf Building. There will be board game and role playing events all day long!

Rainy Day Games will be closed on Sunday October 16th so we can all have fun at the Game Day and Auction.


We are currently looking for volunteers to run games. For ease of scheduling we will be breaking the day into hour long blocks. If you are interested please email us at GameDay@Rainy-Day-Games.com with the following information:

Game Name
Game Description if you are running a non-standard game
Time you would like to run the game
Number of hour-long blocks required
Number of Players (in addition to yourself)

Note: No Board Games will be scheduled between 1:00 and 5:00 in order to make sure we have plenty of room for the auction (there should be room for pick-up games).

Volunteers are responsible for providing a copy of the game they sign up to run. If the game is in our game library you are welcome to use that copy but must let us know when you sign up to run the game.

We will be taking submissions on a first come, first served basis. As we fill up we may ask people to run games at other times to accomodate the schedule.

You will be unable to sign up to PLAY in events before the Game Day. We will have sign-up sheets at the Game Day.

Role Playing Games!

We'll have some D&D RPGA and Lair Assault events running as well. You can check out the full schedule, and sign up for events at WarHorn.net. Please only sign up to play in games if you have pre-registered for the Game Day.




Customer Auction

Washington County Fair Complex
873 NE 34th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124-6700

Sunday, October 16th, 2011
2:00 PM


People will buy your old stuff and you will receive store credit equal to the selling price good for any "new stuff" from Rainy Day Games.

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page:

Auction Drop off Dates:
10/01 - 10/12
Auction catalog

Browse through a complete listing of items up for auction.

You may also download the list as an Excel file.


Washington County Fair Complex
873 NE 34th Ave
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

If you park in the back on 28th Avenue, as shown on the map, your walk to the Cloverleaf Building is much shorter. If you are coming from the East on Cornell, you will need to turn on 25th and back-track to 28th since you can't turn off Cornell onto 28th.

View Rainy Day Games Game Day Location (Hillsboro, OR) in a larger map

Gaming Schedule!

We have also made a more Visual Schedule available on our site as well.
9:00 AM
Catacombs - 1 Hours - 4 Players
D&D Adventure Game - 2 Hours - 4 Players
D&D RPGA: CALI3-1: Malice of Mintar (Levels 1-4) - 4 Hours - 6* Players
D&D RPGA: ELTU3-2: Blue Wounds (Levels 1-4) - 4 Hours - 6* Players
D&D RPGA: Lair Assault: Forge of the Dawn Titan (Level 5) - 4 Hours - 6* Players
Glory to Rome - 2 Hours - 4 Players
K2 - 2 Hours - 3 Players
Merchants & Mauraders - 3 Hours - 3 Players
Munchkin - 2 Hours - 5 Players
Vasco Da Gama - 2 Hours - 3 Players
Zombie Dice/Cthulhu Dice - 1 Hours - 5 Players

10:00 AM
Age of Empires III - 3 Hours - 5 Players
Give Me The Brain - 1 Hours - 7 Players
Zooloretto - 1 Hours - 4 Players

11:00 AM
Elder Sign - 2 Hours - 4 Players
Innovation - 2 Hours - 4 Players
Munchkin - 2 Hours - 5 Players
SPANC - 1 Hours - 3 Players

12:00 PM
Inca Empire - 2 Hours - 3 Players
Mermaid Beach: Meet the Designer! - 1 Hours - X Players
Ninja Burger - 1 Hours - 5 Players

2:00 PM
D&D RPGA: CORE1-1: Inheritance (Levels 1-4) - 4 Hours - 6* Players
D&D RPGA: Lair Assault: Forge of the Dawn Titan (Level 5) - 4 Hours - 6* Players

5:00 PM
Death Angel: Space Hulk The Card Game - 2 Hours - 5 Players
Dungeon Raiders - 1 Hours - 4 Players
Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation Tournament Scenario - 6 Hours - 5 Players
Infinite City - 1 Hours - 5 Players
Ninjato - 2 Hours - 3 Players
San Juan - 1 Hours - 3 Players

6:00 PM
D&D Adventure Game - 2 Hours - 4 Players
Felix: The Cat in the Sack - 1 Hours - 4 Players
Navegador - 2 Hours - 4 Players

7:00 PM
D&D RPGA: ELTU3-4: Blue Beast (Levels 1-4) - 4 Hours - 6* Players
D&D RPGA: Lair Assault: Forge of the Dawn Titan (Level 5) - 4 Hours - 6* Players
D&D RPGA: SPEC1-1: Shades of the Zhentarim (Levels 1-4) - 4 Hours - 6* Players
Small World - 2 Hours - 4 Players
Star Trek Fleet Captains - 2 Hours - 3 Players

8:00 PM
Cyclades - 2 Hours - 4 Players
Railways of the World - 2 Hours - 5 Players

10:00 PM
Last Night On Earth - 1 Hours - 5 Players
Quarriors - 1 Hours - 3 Players
Saboteur 2 - 1 Hours - 11 Players

We have also made a more Visual Schedule available on our site as well.
*This event will require pre-registration at WarHorn.net

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